P/S Radio Show WPKN 89.5 FM/'best rock tracks'/ 12-12-2018 LINK TO STREAM

This month's必威官网Preservation Sound Radioshow has aired butyou can stream the whole thing from this link.Hope you dig,this is a special show of my all-time Rock favorites – all broadcast from the original vinyl LPs.


  1. "Electricity" Captain Befheart
  2. "Yesterday's folks" US69
  3. “Ramblin Gamblin Man”Bob Seger系统
  4. "Street Corner Preacher" Endle St Cloud
  5. "Don't Look Back" The remains (SET BREAK)
  6. "Go Back" Crabby Apppleton
  7. "Speak Now…" Terry Reid
  8. "Baby Its You" Smith
  9. "God Gave Me You" Frijid Pink
  10. "I'm the Light" Blue Cheer (SET BREAK
  11. "Mongoose" Elephants Memory
  12. "I'mLosing You" Rod Stewart
  13. "Tin Soldier" The Small Faces
  14. "Stranger In a Strange Land" Leon Russell
  15. "Recollections…." Redeye (SET BREAK)
  16. "I don't know what I want" Raspberries
  17. "Do Ya" The Move
  18. "Charriot Choogle" T-Rex
  19. "You Can't Have Me" Big Star
  20. "Looking for the Magic" Dwight Twilley (SET BREAK)
  21. "Them Kinda Monkees…" Slade
  22. "The Rocker" Thin Lizzy
  23. "Mindless Child…" The Kinks
  24. "O Lucky Man" Alan Price
  25. "The Only Reason" Fluff (SET BREAK)
  26. "The bible" DR Hooker
  27. "California Here I Come" Shocking Blue
  28. "Playing with Fire" Joe McDonald
  29. "Going to Canada" Mike Wilhelm
  30. "Whiskey Woman" Flamin Groovies (SET BREAK)
  31. "Another Time Another Day" Parrish and Gurvitz
  32. "Right or Wrong" Stealers Wheel
  33. "For Melanie" Matthews Souther Comfort
  34. "You Shouldn't have took more than you gave" Dave Mason
  35. “美好的日子”格雷厄姆·纳什
  36. "Fly" JK and Co (SET BREAK)
  37. "Couldn't Possibly Be" Tranquility
  38. "Fazon" Sopwith Camel
  39. "Tomorrow's People" McDonald and Gilles

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